Robertino Ferro was born in Ensenada, Mexico and was raised primarily in southern California (Temecula).  In 2000 Tino received a Bachelors of Arts in Environmental  Design which covered interior and exterior perspectives in architecture as well as landscape design at San Diego State University.  Tino decided to pursue his truest passion "Sculpture";committing to "the road less traveled". Along the way he was moved by the world he saw through the eyes of architecture. He is also strongly influenced by his many underwater explorations, along with the beauty and passions of mortals, and mountains. These explorations have brought him in contact with precious materials, people and invaluable foresight. Forms in nature have inspired him to create... to sculpt.

Tino's experience in environmental and sculptural design created a style unique, in that it is applicable to both commercial and fine art applications.  His contemporary approach combines contrasting textures and colors that create relationships between forms, bringing otherwise lifeless materials to life with a purpose to enrich the soul and compliment the architecture the pieces reside in.

Tino enjoys to create on a large scale to allow the pieces to enrich the spaces, creating a focal point from which the interior or exteriors can echo.  Material choices are usually derived by interior or exterior applications.

"Tino is the Henry Moore for the 21st Century. He uses eternal materials and produces art that is flawless. In our lifetime we may not see a finer or more proficient sculptor. Simply put, buy whatever he creates."
- Sim Barhoum, Professor, San Diego State and Independent Appraiser

"Thanks for all your artistic endeavors. We certainly are enjoying your sculpture and recieved numerous compliments. We hope that 2008 is a breakthrough year for you. Wishing you great success."
- Phil Freeman, Engineer


"Tino comes highly recommended. He is very professional and his work is outstanding with excellent craftsmanship. Very honest"
- Sabrina Oviedo, Vice President, Fountains Unique

"Georgia Okeefe meets Henry Moore"
- Sissi Hale, Art Director

Tireless artist and ultraperfectionist Tino Ferro has been featured by local and national media, including The San Diego Union Tribune and the Associated Press. He is bilingual in English and Spanish, runs two businesses from wireless locations nationwide, crafts his art in the hidden valley of Temecula, California and has been a popular and life-long environmentalist.

Tino’s outstanding work is highlighted in Downtown San Diego at the Petco Park 12th Street Trolley Station where he painstakingly made the rough cuts for the commissioned sculpture for Ante Marinovic. The piece has become a celebrated photo opportunity for locals and tourists alike. Not only a public sculptor, Tino has artwork showcased in private galleries worldwide, including the United States, Mexico and Croatia.


As a professional artist, he has amassed a diverse roster of credentials and experience:

- San Diego State Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Environmental Design and Sculpture

- Over 15 years of experience as a precious metal, stone and wood worker

- Specializes in welding, casting, forging and carving

- Created over 50 intricate pieces varying in materials such as iron, hardwood, stone and bronze

- Extreme sports athlete and competitor

- Founder and President of Dire Needz, belt buckles and extreme sports apparel

- World Traveler
Since his birth in Ensenada, Mexico, Tino has seen and lived in much of the world. His technique is the product of his upbringing where his two older siblings and parents moved frequently. Not only familiar with most of the United States Tino has traveled and lived in Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, England, Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico. Tino doesn’t just travel throughout the world, he lives an eccentric lifestyle. He is an avid outdoorsman including snowboarder, skier, wake boarder, scuba diver, motorcyclist and snowmobile rider. With his flamboyant and competitive style Tino is inspired by curvilinear forms found in nature and the human body. His smooth, watery shapes seem ready to engage the surroundings complimenting architecture and interiors alike. Much of his talent lies in his ability to capture fluidity depicting land, sea and human form through his abstract art.


"Leave your name in STONE"

-Tino Ferro