To start the process the customer and I will arrange a time to discuss the subject of interest. I must then be acquainted with the sight to discover any and all unique personal and physical characteristics of the land or dwelling to be enhanced.  This allows me to understand the scale and materials appropriate for the project.  I will survey the situation by measuring and photographing the sight to have accurate references for drawings or maquetes.  This is when the client and I can share or brainstorm ideas pertinent to the project, along with any personal concerns.  Clients are encouraged to share ideas and questions concerning materials, textures, colors and locations at this time. These details allow the ideas shared to be represented in the design.   As each piece is completely original, there are no preset prices or sizes, so each custom piece is priced completely based on material cost, size, complexity, and the number of pieces ordered. I work on a cash basis, half up front, half upon completion.

Installation and transportation:

The client is free to hire outside sources for installation and transportation  At this time my responsibilities or liabilities will be relieved and the last payment is finalized.  I am capable of taking care of the entire process, but additional cost will be discussed as they apply.


As each piece is unique and materials at times are difficult to acquire, it is hard to give exact dates and times as to when the project will be completed, until the job is accessed and materials possessed. Often projects go for three months start to finish.